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Saturday, March 19th / 10am-6pm EDT


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Join leading CTOs and some of the most esteemed experts in VR for exclusive live coding sessions and benefit from 1-to-1 mentoring sessions.

Enjoy talks from the world’s top Virtual Reality developers in the comfort of your own home.

AN INTERACtive learning experience

       1      Live Talks

10 fifty-minute sessions on VR with live coding, tailored for developers by developers.

2 1-to-1 Sessions

Live video mentoring sessions with selected expert(s). Book a mentor for 25 minutes.

3 Forum

Q&A Forum where both experts and attendees can share knowledge, files and resources.

4 Replay + Slides

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10:00 am
10:50 am
See like a Terminator – Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift
Martin Förtsch

What if your navigation system could display the direction in your field of view? What if face detection could help you identify the people standing in front of you? Due to the rapid development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Head Mounted Displays (HMD) within the last few years this vision could soon become reality.

Using the Oculus Rift DK2 the maker team of TNG Technology ConsultingGmbH developed several applications enriching the reality of the viewer with useful additional information deducted from his environment. In contradiction to the standard use case of an Oculus Rift the user will not be moved into a virtual world. He will still see his normal field of view. This is possible by attaching two cameras to the front of the Oculus Rift DK2. This stereoscopic video can the be enriched with e.g. data for face recognition and identification, but also emotion detection, distance measuring and so on.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Introduction into the world of Augmented Reality. 

2. The developers will give an insight into the program fromcapturing the video signals up to displaying it on the VR display. 

3. We will also show you a brief overview of historical devices and many different fields of application.

11:00 am
11:50 am
VR: Eyes Wide Open
Amir Ebrahimi

Let me guide you through what it means to make a VR game or interactive experience in Unity today. I will systematically go through all the practical things you will need to think about before you start your VR project. 

This talk is applicable to all disciplines and will cover business decisions you will need to make, hardware considerations, design, and programming for VR.

12:00 pm
12:50 pm
Game Development in VR
Marco Colombo

When it comes to Game Development there are lots of challenges to overcome, but when a game is made in VR there are even more things to consider. I will give you some advice, based on my experience to imprvove the performance and quality of your work.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Short intro about me and my experience;

2. The current state of VR;

3. Advantages of using unity in game development (especially in VR);

4. Advantages of using agile developement concept while developing;

5. Advices about tools to use;

6. My first VR game: damnfields (which got into the finals of the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015).

1:00 pm
1:50 pm
How to create powerfully interactive & collaborative VR applications
Sébastien Kuntz

Discover how the MiddleVR plugin for Unity enables you to create powerfully interactive and collaborative VR applications!

In this session, you will learn more about MiddleVR for Unity, a plugin that enables your application to work on any VR system, from entry level (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), to high-end (zSpace, CAVEs, VR Walls).

In this talk, I’ll describe:

1. Quickly create VR applications with one drag and drop;

2. Easily add interactions (navigations, selection and manipulation of objects);

3. Quickly add VR menus;

4. Create powerful GUIs using HTML5;

5. Embed webpages;

6. Create multi-user VR worlds.

2:00 pm
2:50 pm
Bringing characters to life for immersive story telling
Dioselin Gonzalez

Based on my current and previous experience, I will describe some issues to take into account and technologies for developing frameworks for immersive storytelling.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Face and speech recognition technologies

2. Encoding characters' personality and decisions using behavior trees, layered behavior trees and other mixed architectures for planned and social behaviors.

3. Protocols for communicating behaviors and their realization between AI and animation modules in applications.

2:00 pm
2:50 pm
Experiencing music through Virtual Reality
Federico Gonzalez

Music distribution technology has been changing over and over the decades. Since Edison's Phonograph it evolved to Sony’s Walkman, Napster’s P2P, Apple’s iPod and now through VR devices it’s making a big shift letting users finally experience the music in a fully-immersive way. VR has come to disrupt but also to generate a new business opportunity for artist, music labels, brands, and other players in the music industry who embrace this new way of distributing their content.Having this always in mind is the reason why we started VRTIFY, the first of its kind VR music distribution platform.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Short introduction about Federico and his experience with code and VR;

2. Capturing reality and transforming it to VR: the current state of VR cameras and how we are transforming it into;

3. VR.Do´s and Don’t´s creating VR environments;

4. VRTIFY: how we integrate Music and VR;

5. The future in VR: how will VR experiences change our life.

3:00 pm
3:50 pm
How to develop VR applications and publish from phone to dome
Nils Andersson

By using the EON software platform it is possible to develop one application and publish to many platforms from phone to dome display systems. During the last 20 years the EON Software platform has been built to help create advanced interactive 3D applications and enable them to be published on various platforms including Windows with support for multiple rendering nodes and mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. VR support in EON software

2. Publishing from phone to dome

3. Advanced VR display systems

4. Use cases and experiences

During the last 19 years I have worked with development and deployment of advanced VR systems and have been part of around 50 cave setups. Last couple of years we have added mobile support to our platform which creates new challenges. The talk will be based on these experiences and you’re welcome to try out our software yourself.

3:00 pm
3:50 pm
Human-Centered Design for Immersive Interactions
Jason Jerald

Human-centered design is more important for VR than for any other medium. When VR is done well, experiences can be brilliant and pleasurable, but when done badly, they can result in frustration and sickness. While there are many causes of bad VR, much is centered on a lack of understanding human perception, intuitive interaction, design principles, and real users.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Input devices and their characteristics;

2. Tracked hand-held controllers;

3. The use of the hands;

4. Interaction patterns and techniques;

5. Example interaction techniques such as direct selection/manipulation, exocentric pointing, the head-crusher technique, 3D multi-touch, hand-held panels, and jigs;

6. The define-make-learn iterative design cycle;

7. Customize for your needs-there ae no absolute truths;

8. Where to learn more.

This talk is based on ~20 years of personal experience across 60+ VR projects with 30+ organizations, as well as hundreds of publications. I have found most consumer/game VR developers outside of the VR research community are not aware of these interaction concepts and I believe attendees will gain insight of how to go beyond basic VR interactions.

4:00 pm
4:50 pm
Introduction to Mobile VR Development
Saswat Panda

Analysts had predicted that 11M VR headsets would be sold in 2016. But even in 2015, the Google Cardboard app was downloaded over 15M times. VR isn't just coming - it's already here. And mobile VR is set to be the key approach the average user will take to consuming VR content over the next few years.

This talk is aimed at providing you with insights into the current & future state of Mobile VR, as well as teach you the tools and best practices you need to kickstart your mobile VR app today.

In this talk, I’ll describe:

1. The Mobile VR Landscape and Why it's the Future;

2. Lessons learned Designing & Developing for Mobile VR;

3. Resources to build your Mobile VR app today.

4:00 pm
4:50 pm
Medical Applications of Virtual Reality
Alex Wendland

Virtual Reality has entered the public sphere with a bias towards gaming and other luxury entertainment media. Though important applications of this rising technology, these focuses are only a small part of the many possibilities that Virtual Reality will soon make possible. Recent research is exposing exciting new developments for the use of this technology as medical treatment devices.

In this talk, I'll describe: 

1. Recent research developments around the application of Virtual Reality to treat various eye and mental disorders;

2. Methods for creating cost-effective Virtual Reality solutions that allow products to penetrate markets outside of the luxury entertainment space;

3. The process of validating medical treatment methods and of preparing technology treatments for clinical evaluation.

Virtual Reality is exciting due to its ability to drastically improve a wide berth of industries, outside of its initial gaming and video entertainment focus. The possibility of fully controlling a user's environmental stimulus presents a variety of new treatment opportunities.

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